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The Fashion Week 2019 is the biggest State level show as it has been designed very tactically, In its initial level the show has to be organized in ten major cities of Uttar Pradesh starting from Mathura followed by Agra, to choose our top models at city level and then top ten male and female (20 in total) from each city will compete for the title of UP’s Next Top Models 2019. We’ll select top models with tag-lines Mr. & Miss for each particular city.

This is not just a fashion show or any ordinary competition because this show will provide wings to those who has a deep desire to fly high. There are many major benefits of joining us, we can discuss few:

  • This is going to be a unique experience to all the contestants, as we’ll have a workshop day where the professionals will guide us by sharing their experiences which will help a lot in pursuing our goals.
  • By applying for Mr. & Miss city you will have a chance to be selected for UP’s Next Top Models 2019 (UNTM) without any extra struggle or efforts.
  • Once you are selected for UNTM 2019 you will be famous and many opportunities will be approaching you.
  • This show is organized by Kronos Production which is working on many projects like web-series, Music albums, etc.


It all begin with registrations. Once you register yourself, you are into the game.

Registrations - For online registrations there is a link below on this site and for offline registrations we'll arrange registration booths in some colleges, others have to register online only. You can directly apply for registration on the same day of audition.

Auditions - It will be a introduction round to judge the Style sense, Communications and Posture.

Workshop - All the candidates who have been passed through audition round has to be present in the workshop, as the professionals will guide you for upcoming challenges and improving your personal skills.

Selection Round - Judges will sneak deep into the candidates personality.

Final round - In this round we will get our Mr. & Miss for particular city and ten male and ten female models for UNTM 2019.

Audition Details


Judges for the audition round and the selection round will be professional models and fashion designers and for the final round we are going to invite famous celebrities from the industry to provide a genuine value and reputation to the judgment as the selected models will be certified by these celebrities which will enhance there profile to very next level.


If you have any business deal related to this project or any collaboration proposal, we would like to here it.

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