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About Kronos Passion

Talent is everywhere but not getting noticed because the lack of opportunities.

Kronos Passion is creating opportunities for those who dare to do things in their own style, we will be providing a helping hand by producing Music albums, Films and Web series for the winners from each category. The winners will be featured in a music album every month as the winning prize.

This is not like a competition, we are only choosing the one from each category who is ready to launch. Those who haven’t select this time can work hard and try for the next month because we are not going anywhere, we’ll be keep on adding more opportunities in the form of Films and Web series very soon.


To join Kronos Passion you just need to register yourself with a link below on this site.
The audition details will be published on this site for each particular city. This is a cyclic show which will be organized regularly every month in some selected cities, so we can scout more and more talented people from these small cities, which means we will be producing a complete album for each winner from all the selected cities.

Audition Details


If you want to sponsor this project or want to collaborate with us, We welcome you to share your proposal.

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