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About Kronos Studio

Kronos Studio cover all our services which requires a studio, like music production, recording etc. We work for quality not for quantity. Quantity is our second priority, as the work produced by us can be presented anywhere in the world, is our only motive.

Kronos Studio always wants to grow itself in every aspect whether it is quality, creativity or setups. For continuously growing we require new ideas and new talents. We welcome you to join us.

Our Services

Music Album

Album Production starts with lyrics and it ends with final launch. To complete the process, it requires a huge team of artists, directors, film makers and promotion. We can take care of these burdens, you come up with what you have and rest is our responsibility.


Recording Studio

Starting from voice-over to dubbing, vocals to instruments, we have solution for all your recording queries.


Music Production

We have professionals who produce music for our all albums and background scores for our upcoming web-series. You can have your music produced or mixed by these professionals.


Video Shoot

We shoot everything from small advertises to complete web-series, albums, wedding cinematography, etc. Send us your query and we'll meet you and discuss the rest.


Photo Shoot

Portfolio, Brand profile shoot, Wedding Shoot, Indoor studio shoot, Destination shoot, etc. Just ask for something , we'll defiantly come up with something great.


Film Production